Crowdfunding Rohan Kumara 


Rohan and his way to freedom


Hi! My name is Rohan Kumara.

And I come from a long way; I was born in Sri Lanka (literally a long way), grew up in the Netherlands and was diagnosed with autism after the age of 20. As a child, I experienced a very heavy childhood as a result of this diagnosis. 

In feel like a large part of my freedom has been taken away from me. And I have ended up in all kinds of trajectories due to autism and have been through a lot. But never, never, have I given up and I have always tried very hard to have as much freedom as possible in my life. Despite my limitations and all the rules that I have to obey.


When I was 22, I started creative therapy at Riet Mooren where I learned to process the pain from my experiences by creating abstract expressionism art. Step by step I have learned to give the pain of the past a place and to develop myself positively and with me, also my art.


My chance to exhibit in New York (a dream comae true!)

Now I have signed a contract with Agora Gallery in New York for a collective exhibition and sale of my art.

What does this exhibition mean to me?

1.              First, the exhibition means that I get to exhibit my work in New York. 

2.              But it also means the next step in my career through the professional help I get from the gallery 

3.              And for me personally, this exhibition is extra important, because I am still looking for more freedom and putting down my own identity

4.              In short; a dream come true! 

That's why I’m asking you for help in financing this exhibition, so that I can bring my art to the next level.

What’s in it for me (Rohan)?

If you decide to support me, your donation will go to the art gallery that will help my career with the following steps:

1.              Exhibition at the Agora Gallery November 2021

2.              16 artworks of my work are put up for sale on the gallery site.

3.              The artworks of mine that will be on display in New York will be in a  collectieve exhibition.

4.              Artist profile prepared by the copywriters of Agora

5.              Promotion on and social media

6.              Art publication listings (publication in an art magazine)

7.              Guidance on my career and the marketing of my work in New York and beyond.


What’s in it for you?

As a token of appreciation, you will receive a work from me in exchange for your support:


- Free donation: my thank you very much and your name on the Thank You list!

- Donation of € 100,00:  a thank you gift: S size artwork * while stocks last

- Donation of € 150,00:a thank you gift: M size artwork * while stocks last

- Donation of € 200,00: a thank you gift: L size artwork * while stocks last

- Donation of € 250,00: a thank you gift: XL size artwork * while stocks last

- Donation of € 1000,00: a thank you gift: painting * while stocks last


Again; what does this project mean for me?


For years my voice was not allowed to be heard and I was forced to live in the shadows.

With the help and confidence of a few people, I knew how to escape the wrestling. In my art, I discovered the redemption of free expression. Finally, I began shape my feelings, my dreams and ideas. As my art found buyers

I slowly built up the confidence to seek a wider audience.

It takes courage to put my heart and soul into my art and to try become as successful that I can make it on my own. And it is not easy to always stay in the dream believing that anything is possible. 

I work very hard for it: a life in freedom for myself, and reaching the world with the beauty of what I make.

The Agora Gallery can give my work the extra boost it needs to be even wider

to be noticed. So that I can develop myself further and move on to

the next level.

Like Ralph Waldo Emerson said: It’s the journey, not the destination.

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart who made my journey possible.

You have taken me from the bottom of the valley to the top of the mountain. Come and stand with me now and I offer you new prospects.


*If the exhibition cannot take place due to the consequences of the corona epidemic, the exhibition will take place at a later date