Rohan Kumara is an artist who creates abstract expressionism art.


Rohan was born in Sri Lanka, but was adopted when he was a baby.

He grew up in the Netherlands.


At age 22 Rohan started to have art lessons on therapy basis from Artist Riet Mooren who helped him to transform his traumatic youth experiences into strength by creating abstract art.


One of the most important achievements is that he learned through art on how to translate negative

feelings into positive vibes.

Canvas is the carrier of his emotions.

If you want to see Rohan, look to his art. What you see in front of you is how he feels in his head.


Art is for him truly the most sincerest way to express himself.

They say you need to express yourself, but expressing yourself is the very reason.


Rohan never thought he would ever do this in his life.

But here he is as an artist and his mission is far from complete.

After being nominated a number of times and winning a prize for the art he created, he is growing his self-confidence as an artist.


He learned: always to trust your instincts and to start by doing what is necessary - then do what is

possible - and suddenly you are doing the impossible.


Thanks to all who brought him from the shadows of the valley to the light of the mountain top.


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