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I was born on the 11 th of November in 1985 in Sri Lanka.
I was quickly adopted by a Dutch couple and after 6 weeks I arrived in a small village in the east of the Netherlands were I was raised and passed my youth.
This seemingly happy period was brutally interrupted by bullying in school in my teenage years and this experience erased the happy boy I was completely, but did I know at the that time…
ALT Delete….

I crossed the border of the dark side of life and though everybody wanted without any doubt the best for me in dealing with the physical and psychological fallout of this traumatizing experiences, I was sinking in an uncontrollable swamp of emotions, medication annex doctors, nihilism and conscious unconsciousness for many years.

At the age of 22 I was embraced by an artist, called Riet Mooren, who started to give me art lessons as a therapy. 

She taught me how I could transform my youth experiences into strength by creating abstract art.

What a journey the last 15 years have been. And it is not over. And I am happy to know that Riet is still there and supporting me.

For too many years, I felt like drowning and only to find at the very end the force to reach out for the surface again.
From the deep dark back to the light – that’s how it feels.
And it’s a very slow, day-to-day process. I know it will never end.


That’s why I am dubbing my life as ART in PROGRESS.
These days expressing myself through painting is everything to me.
It’s my life line.


As deep down the struggle with past life events continues, painting is healing.
Now the time has come to challenge the next stage. I will speak out clearly without hurting anyone.
These days I live in Amsterdam where I can concentrate on painting. I am still taking lessons with Riet
and I am still progressing and learning helped by people who want the very best for me.

My thoughts and feelings come alive on canvas. I am able to translate my inner world into paintings.
By expressing fear and pain with paint, I can rise to my next stage in life.
Ultimately – I notice – the art of letting go what is gone, transformed into colors and shapes enables me to show who I am. 

A thing of beauty is a joy forever, were the famous words, and showing this
beauty, living deep into you is one of the most important drivers these days.

I can feel a new chapter is arriving at my doorstep. I don’t have a clue how it will shape up. No idea of where and when, but it’s coming …
For me it’s now important not to focus on my past, but to keep my eyes on the road so my paintings become in true sense “The Real Art of being Me”.
Rohan Kumara


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