Rohan Kumara is an artist who creates abstract expressionism art.


Rohan was born in Sri Lanka, but was adopted when he was a baby.

He grew up in the Netherlands.

At age 22 Rohan started to have art lessons as a therapy from Artist Riet Mooren who helped him to transform his youth experiences into strength by creating abstract art.




Deep down I struggle with real life events that I never really talk about it.


Painting is healing me and now the time has come to challenge the next stage.

I will speak out clearly without hurting anyone.


Communication and non-communication are essential components of my personal development.


My thoughts and feelings come alive on canvas.

I am able to translate my inner world into paintings.

By expressing fear and pain with paint, I can rise to my next stage in life.


Ultimately – I notice – the art of letting go what is gone, transformed into colors and shapes enables me to show who I am.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever, were the famous words, but showing the beauty living deep into you is even more important to me.


For me it’s important not to focus on my past, but to keep my eyes and ears on the road so my paintings become in true sense “The Real Art of being Me”.




Preferable I have this large canvas in front of me. The color white.

Waiting what comes next.

Then there are these images growing – about life, ideas and dreams.

Followed by the rush.

Not in words but in colors and movements. And a story comes alive be it with mixed media, acryl, charcoal, pastel, oil paint or ink.

When the rush is fading, the story is told.

Often I discover only later the faces, the breeze and hidden characters sheltering in the shadows.


That’s how it goes.

And it’s the most sincerest way to express myself. After all these forbidden years.

My paintings are telling the story of my life.

What you see is what you get.

Never forget: enough is never enough.


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