The truth is a battle of perceptions, the kernel of truth, the meaning of Rohans Art


A Cage Is Still A Cage

You cannot see from the outside but the inside felt like I was a prisoner. 

People can control you, people can hurt you and take away your truth and put you in your  place where you don’t feel empowered and underpressing you to believe you’re not allowed to express yourself.

You’ll start to believe your just an object.

You’ve been told that you have no human rights and expectations.

Until your breakfree.

In every abuse, in every traumatic experience don’t believe the lies they have told you.

Cause freedome comes from within. 

You never truly free unless you free yourself.


Pandora Box

They say that the truth will set you free. Pandora Box means to me: When you open the Pandora Box that's when you'll find the strength to get your freedome.

Youll find the strength when you release the emotional curse that locked you up.

No human being should ever empower you to be silence for speaking up your mind or things you feel, see and experience.

You are in charge of your own body and your own life.

Your body and mind is not ment to be on a leash.

We we're all born to be free.


Innoncent Child

Innocent Child means to me is:

Injuring my child self-esteem .

Being involved with domestic violence and verbal and emotional assault.  It felt like someone stole my innocence, the fact that people are ignoring and rejecting what really was going on .

Says so much about our lives and world we are living in and that we do like to hide things without consulting each other and to learn and to grow together in a better version of ourselfs. The world is not only about you!


Emotional Playground

Emoitonal Playground means:

 A save place where you can entirely be free from real emotions, expresions or  on how you should behave and  clear patrons that can define yourself in the best version of yourself without shame.

Light or dark everything is excepted, everything is yours.

Nothing is wierd.

Your world is the definition of self proud and a place that makes you feel unique without  a battlefield with interferences of others.

A true save place.



Mixing emotions defines the two emotions, happy and sad.

We like the overshadowing the real emotions and to let people believe what’s not real anymore.

Saudade it’s called. 


No Word, No Expression 

Unable to think for oneself or should I say not Allowed to think for oneself.


Shelter Your Heart

The Meaning of Shelter Your heart:

We all go through tough times, and to learn from those tough times we have to manage to overcome from every experience of your emotions and sentiments stability that are at risk.

In my opinion.

The world is not a save place.

And no one can be trusted.


Boldly Into The Darkness

Trauma can make you feel lost, it takes time to heal, and it takes years or maybe a whole life to recover. Some even never recover of their trauma. But I believe in every dark trauma there is a light and that light we need to follow.

Darkness is not negative it has a powerful and positive aspect.

A place to overcome and the search for prospective .

A place to grow up the hard way and to learn the best life lessons



Sometimes you have to peddle hard in your lifebuoy.

Remember you are the captain of your soul.

And emotions don't go away by doing nothing.

Your life might feel like full of shit and it can make you feel bad about yourself and that feeling makes you feel  you want to end your life.

The captain needs always to in control even when you at your lowest point.

That why you should peddle hard  in your lifeboay and make it a  a worthy fight. 

Cause no-one will do it for you.

When you  overcome.

You can reach for the stars.

And receive  the learning lessons and turn it into wisdom to make a better life.

Cause you only have one.

Every day starts with  a new chance rise every morning  with a new dawn.


A Day in the Forrest

For me there is no better cure than the forrest.

The trees, sand, leaves, plants and animals is connecting with me and making me feel good inside my head when the weight of the world on my shoulders is too heavy.

Nature brings me back alive.

A nice reset.



Animal Farm

All Animals are equal

-George Orwell



A process of disconnecting from thoughts, feelings, experiences and identity 


Waves of the Ocean

The ultimate place to feel freedom is the sea.

I like it when the wind is blowing in my face and blows all negative thoughts out of my Systeem.

Like a reset that give me a new day, a new change, a new dawn, a new adventure.

A challenge to create a new perceptive that grows me in to a more developed  person.


Stand One's Ground

Don't runaway from a situation but face it.


I'm Not Invincible

It's delusional thinking if people pretend your invincible to them.


Going Through the Motions

Going through the motions kills the emotions  


Set Loose From Constrain

Avoiding emotional suffering.

Pretending nothings going on like listing to that same old song over and over again.

Forcing yourself to believe that show must go on!



Efface yourself from life.


The Flood

Life can feel like a river a river that's need to be tamed so that the dikes won't break to keep your mental health in order.

To keep life in control.


When the Wolfs Cry Out

A cry for help.

We all have are moments and doubts.

We alle want to be heard once in a while.



The road to emotional alienation is long.

Rarely is it a one-time bad experience that leads to a person becoming alienated from their true feelings


Grey Gardens

Accumulation of emotional distress.


Entwined With You

Involved in something that is fucked up and entangled with all the consequences that entails.



An abusse that let your mind confused thinking and reduced awareness of the environment


Sky in Motion

The sky is a beautiful blue in motion, blue the color of bravery and in motion to control the emotion.


The Hideout

The hideout, the place where someone goest to  hide their secrets,  because they don't  want anyone to know.



Every motion, every color.

Acceptance is the answer to all our problems.

Be you be original.


Light and the Darkness

Lightness evokes positive  and darkness evokes negative they say.

But put them together and they will collide.

They make you who you really are.

In every darkness you can find a light spot.

No matter how dark it is.

So there is always a way out.



A good poker-face is an impassive expression that hides one's true feelings.

Smile! :)


The Crossover

The process  to overcome the crossover is to  impact your emotions and to Identify what you're feeling and to finally accept the emotions.



Scream of distress

Fear  and anxiety taken there toll where talking is overrated and the scream is only left


Give Without Remembering and Receive Without Forgetting

Without Self-Love I have Nothing.

Always reflect on the love you give to yourself


Man of the Woods

In the end we are all bound to nature.

Nature heals, it brings balance between anger, fear and stress.  Nature filters our head to create more positive energy that can make you feel whole again. 


The Mask

The mask where everybody likes to hide after.

Sometimes it's hard to adapt to a world where facial expressions seems to be invisible. The disguise we like to wear every day is insane.


The Kernel

The kernel = self-love 

The understanding of the emotional impact we create in the kernel of our self-love.

The instrument of our preservation.

It mixtures all prepetuity of your soul.

And we have to protect it for not getting lost inside.


Calm after the Storm

Challenges put us to the test.

Tests we all have to endure.

It helps to improve all the tough , chatioc and nerve-racking things in life.

The calm will always come after the storm lay down.



The mental and the physical


Look Over Shoulder

 Anxious and worried.

Alway on the lookout.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.


Blind Eye to the Misbehaviour

When things in your environment are dysfunctional the more inappropriate their response to disclosure.

No hope for a sane response from an evil mad system.

14. The Runaway 205 x 205 with frame.jpg

The Runaway


The World on this painting is my world and in my world  I was constantly on the run. Running away from people who don't deserve me. People that think they own me, People a lot of bad people behind me. I try to breathe and I try overcome, I try to breathe and I try to pray  that I will survive this mess.  I feel stuck, I feel trapped, I feel that they are hunting me down. To much on my shoulders, To deep in the sadness and trouble I did not ask for. Trouble I don't  really want to carry on my shoulders.  Im running away, Im runnig away from home. Home that old place where I never want to be again.



Into the Woods

The woods, the place to hide and seek.

I like to hide in the woods. hiding away at my favorite spot.

Or to seek.

To seek for new energy so I can do some soul searching or try to reach for stars when the skyline is all clear.

Sometimes I laugh and sometimes I cry.

The Woods is like magic to me every season has its spark and charm.


“Keep the Calm in the Chaos”


This painting has a high emotional value to me as it expresses the motto of my care taker and friend who helped me during my dark days. When life gets to much you need learn to compromise to be patient to be able to keep the calm in the chaos.