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When I create my art, I prefer to work on a large canvas.
But recently I also make smaller works.
Working mostly with mixed media, acryl, charcoal, pastel, oil paint and ink.
Still learning and growing.

What inspires me is my teacher, life, the people that are important to me and the things I experience.
Everything is about feelings, mood swings and expressions.
Art taught me to turn negative feelings into positive ones.

Going through the motions kills the emotions.

If you want to know who I am or how I feel, then look at my art.
For me art is really the most sincerest way to express myself.
Not in words but with colors and movements on the canvas.
Expressing myself was like a forbidden fruit,
I was never really allowed to express myself.
For a long time I was locked up in the cage of my own feelings without any idea how to deal with it.

My life, my ideas, my dreams… it took a while before there was able to grab enough confidence to get
where I am now in life.

What I would like to achieve with my art is that I can share it but at the same time that I can show
myself that noting is impossible, and that I don’t have to hide myself anymore, that I can achieve just
as much as any other person and that I do not need anyone to adjust.

Be original, be you that is where it’s all about.

Learning that I don’t have to please everyone and that I’m not here to please.
Whenever I find myself doubting how far I can go, I’ll remember how far I have come
My art is my story and I will never make things more beautiful than they really are.

What you see is what you get and what you see is who I am.

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